Xenial – Home Automation Solutions


Xenial is our IoT based solution for homes and commercial spaces. The growing demand for lower energy consumption and more connectivity is shaping the field of lighting and appliance control. Using energy and resources in an efficient and controlled manner not only saves electricity but also reduces maintenance and improves the life of appliances. 

By enabling enhanced control capabilities it’s possible to save power and prime the systems for the future of smart homes and smarter cities. 


Our System is a modular one. Meaning all feature releases of new Mods  can be configured and used with the same system. Our upcoming Mods include:


Camera Integration

Intrusion and Motion Sensors

Mood Lighting

Curtain and Gate controls

Gas and Smoke detectors

Panic Button

Alexa and Google Home Integration

and Many More


Our current offering includes controls of Fan( 5 speed control), Lighting, low power appliances and Heavy Appliances.  

And all this without replacing your switches and simple installation. 




The System

The Gateway


A desktop device, the size of your modem. It is designed elangntly and inspired by nature itself.


  • The gateway is capable of handling 200 devices.
  • It work on Wi-Fi and range can easily be extended using Wifi extenders.
  • Wi-Fi is a tried and tested medium and offers high speeds and low drops of data.
  • It is highly secure and impossible to hack into
  • It can connect to the internet via cable or through Wi-fi



The Rio


The Modular 4- Channel device that integrates behind the switchboard. To control the lights, fans and other appliances.


  • Each channel is capable of handling 250W of power.
  • It is a semiconductor based technology.
  • One output can be configured for Fan.
  • It will allow switches to be operated as before.


Just as the RIO other mods are designed to integrate into your home with ease.

The App


Since the Mobile Application is the most used component of the home automation system our engineers have poured in hours of time in R&D and multiple iterations to bring you a bug-free and easy to use user interface.


  • Allows Grouping of favourite or more commonly used appliances
  • Allows scheduling/ timer option to easily turn on and off devices.
  • One touch turn off.
  • Notification on failure of internet .
  • Allows easy addition and deletion of family members.
  • Operatable locally when internet is down.
  • Customisable themes and pictures.


Flexibility and Convenience at your finger tips

We as a company are constantly working hard to bring you new features and application to your finger tips. We would like to hear more about your thoughts and how we could help bring a change to how you use your switches. Please feel free to fill out our feedback form and we will get in touch with you.

Coming Soon—–> Xenial – Lite.

Xenial Lite is a home automation system which like the RIO fit behind your switch board but with fewer features.

1. It does not require gateway to connect to the internet.

2. Extremely affordable IoT enable smart switch option.

” Home Automation has grown beyond luxury and is transforming into a need; Need for security, convenience, and econimcal use of energy.”