Industry IOT Solutions: By Integrating Gateways, Remote I/Os, Cloud, Dashboards etc., We can bring specific data about your work environment to desktops and handheld devices. Explore our existing use cases and further more….


Industrial Automation with latest hardware and solutions. We are capable of delivering solutions for process, machines and manufacturing processes. Including programming of PLC,PAC, HMI, VFD and other field devices in the most effiective manner. Talk to us to know what manual existing process/machine we can automate.


Customised SCADA: We provide our custom built,  highly flexible SCADA system and support hardware. Our SCADA can be easily expanded and the tags can be tailored as per your requirement and can easily be integrated to an IOT Platform Solution.



Our IOT Solutions team consists of electronic hardware experts and solutions experts from various fields. Bringing integrated circuit solutions, Apps, POS,RFID, Touchscreen, etc together, we can help develop  smart devices, commercial consumer hardwares etc., Click below to know more..


Control Panel Solutions and Consultation Services: Our wide range of projects expertise can help you in architecture design, man power deputation, documentation, project reports, panel building, CAD drawigns etc., follow the link to know more


Xenial –  Is our home automation solution which is designed, devloped and manufactured in India. A modular solution, which means zero replacement of switchboards, with the latest hardware and features. And all at a very economical price range.