Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to change my switches or wiring?

Xenial works with your existing switchboard. The installation is carried without any extra wiring in a few minutes.

Does this mean I can control my devices only through the App?

Your switches will work like how they used to work before. Only now they can also be controlled via your Mobile App.

What happens when the internet fails?

When the internet fails you get a notification on your phone. And if you are present at home and still want to use the device through your App it can be done locally.

Do I need internet at home?

You will need Internet at your home and your phone if you wish to operate the device away from your home.

Can I time my devices to turn on and off?

Xenial lets you easily set timers for your device to turn on or turn off. We have also added a feature to set different speed for your fans at different times.

Will this use too much of my data?

Xenial is optimised to use very little data (less than 100mb/Month)

Can I add additional RIOs later?

Yes, RIOs are modular to the system as well and can be added easily.

Can I use the device only with RIO?

The gateway is a necessary piece of hardware. We have designed it in such a way that it does not use multiple spots on your Wifi and new devices that are expected in early 2019 to be easily added to it. (CCTV,Intrusion alarms,Panic button etc)

Can I have multiple houses under the same App?

Yes, we let you use multiple gateways under the app

What are the recurring charges?

All charges for lifetime are included in the price package

Can I completely avoid the switches?

The device can work without switches as well as complete E-system.

What is the cost for a system?

Our system is priced in a very affordable price range with the same or more functionality than our competitors. Please write to us for a complete pricing and demo.