What is IIOT?

IIoT(Industrial Internet of Things) is a network of devices connected via communications technologies to form systems that monitor, collect, exchange and analyze data, delivering valuable insights that enable industrial companies to make smarter business decisions faster.  Stay connected and upto date with the industry trends with our IIOT Solutions.


We offer Industrial Internet of Things Solution to


Process Lines

Machines Data

Smart Offices

Energy MonitoringBMS

Horticulture Labs



Chemical Ind.

production line in modern dairy factory


IBM’s report exploring IoT in manufacturing showed how companies are taking opportunities of IIOT and translating them into business success. An IoT-friendly manufacturing process allows companies to better schedule maintenance, particularly for complex operations that are hugely costly to shut down for even the briefest periods. Floor managers can also monitor factory assets with greater ease than ever before, and the modern level of connectivity in manufacturing operations has also helped cut down the number of mistakes made and time needed before detecting them.



Predicting the health of machines, monitoring efficiency, and raw material usage can give significant insights to plant managers to assess risks and breakdown of machines. Giving ideal time to plan maintenance shutdowns and put standby units to operation maintain production.

For example, data from machines like CNC and other PLC operated devices can be analyzed and live reports can be generated. This gives the insight to help analyse operator efficiency and reduce wastages. 

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