Our team itakes pride handling and finding solutions together to satisfy the demands of our esteemed clients in our time in business.

Our engineering team consists of a mix bag of engineers from various diciplnes of engineering such as software, electrical, electronics, mechantronics etc.,

Technical skills wth well managed team working together as an unit we are able to ensure, quality service and very economical way. Our methods are a mix of time and tested procedures with the right type of innovation to drive the field of automation and controls .

We are ANTARES ELECTRICS, a company built on the idea of providing efficient automation solutions for industries and commerical operations. We inetgrate the right hardware, software, and cloud technologies, and are able to bring solutions to your most complex problems in a linear systematic maner. 


We are a solution oriented company and your parnters in automation needs. Industrial automation and solutions constantly have helped improve the ease of work. What this means to the company is better products at higher efficiency and low wastages.


Our approach involves an indepth  problem analysis, structured execution and orderly delivery of the solution; we strive constantly try to maintain quality and excellence.


Through our solutions for  Smart factories and IIOT we can network your machines wirelessly to bring live updates about various parameter as per specifications required . We are able to tailor the software and hardware to meet your requirement, giving you maximum flexibility and various parameters from the shop floor/ field to your finger tips.



“In technology whatever can be done, will be done.” – Andrew Grove