Internet of Things

With the rising internet speeds and rapid technological advances in the field of electronics components. The devices around us are getting smarter rapid pace than ever before. Artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Machine learning being the most recent tech.


We at Antares understand and have worked on multiple projects in the field of IoT. Ranging from  POC projects such as employee monitoring, smart locker, smart vending machines, dispensing machines and many more.


We can rig up prototypes, POCs and fully functioning machines. We help transform your idea into reality.


Applications of IoT

  • Indoor / Vertical Farming
  • Smart Farms
  • Smart Cities
  • Samrt vending Machines
  • Smart Lockers
  • production line in modern dairy factory
  • Live Stock

“From developing the electronics, to custom building enclosures, developing applications for Web and Mobile. We are your one stop solution for IoT solutions. Feel free to write to us to know more .

“Xenial,  The home Automation System  is designed, devloped and manufactured by Antares. “