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We are ANTARES ELECTRICS, a company built on the idea of providing efficient automation solutions for industries and commerical operations. We inetgrate the right fitting hardware, software, and cloud technologies, and are able to bring solutions to your most complex problems in a systematic maner. 

Our key experience in indsutrial automaiton has helped us tailor solutions for manufacturing, processing and R&D Units. Integration of PLC data to cloud networks and analysis of such data for improvement of process and calculating plant/machine efficency.


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IoT (Internet of Things) can play an important role in optimizing the OEE of a production line or even of a complete production plant.  For plant managers, process engineers and maintenance personnel, the key to improving the OEE is being able to easily combine and correlate data from different sources, such as industrial control systems (SCADA), sensors, applications, infrastructure and IT systems, and deliver valuable new insights into asset health.

We can help reduce and eliminate down time by providing advanced warning of equipment degradation or failure.

Through Analyses of  historic process and performance data you will be able to optimize maintenance planning, schedules, and resources which leads to lower maintenance costs, reduced material and supplies, and greater equipment availability.

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